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Silver Obsidian

Silver Obsidian

Obsidian silver and a set of hematite

For a very important person in my life, for my sister for a round and beautiful birthday, I decided to make something from jewelry as a present. From the box with my treasures – stones we chose silver obsidian, small, just 27mmx23mm, but with beautiful silver gloss.

For a long time I thought about what to frame and won Toho 11/0 in black and hematite and fire polish 4mm hematite flash. For this was a spiral necklace in the herringbone technique, which I recently liked very much.

silver obsidian in the frame

silver obsidian in the framesilver obsidian in the framesilver obsidian in the frame

However, I was still missing something. I have a few pieces of hematite fire polish and the idea of a bracelet has dawned on my head. I present so a beautiful bracelet made on a loom – my own idea and pattern.
hematite bracelet hematite bracelet hematite bracelet And that is the hematite set.

hematite set




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