Azurite pendant

Made by Eve/ December 3, 2020

Azurite is a valued decorative stone. Most often it takes a blue or blue-green color. There is already one pendant in my collection. I trim the blue azurite pendant in navy blue colors.    

Agate pendant

Made by Eve/ February 6, 2020

    I tried a soutache technique a few years ago. I dreamed of beautiful necklaces and earrings, so elegant. Just beautiful. Unfortunately I absolutely did not like the strings, they did not fit nicely, I pulled the threads too much. It was

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Bracelet with a stone

Made by Eve/ December 6, 2019

  A year ago I bought a tiger eye pebble. I put a stone on felt, I even made a sketch. And so the bracelet with a tiger’s eye lay for months, because I was still afraid that I could not do enough.

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Brooch with onyx “black cat”

Made by Eve/ April 10, 2019

    I already made the first brooches, so finally I decided to fulfill my daughter’s request and make a brooch for her according to her drawing. And so the brooch “black cat” was created. I sewed the brooch on a felt. The

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A kingfisher

Made by Eve/ March 5, 2019

  On the website an annual calendar contest with jewelry began. Every month there is inspiration, the prize is a photo on the calendar card. So far, I have watched the submitted works, voted and admired. This year I decided to try

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Set of jewelry with tassels

Made by Eve/ February 26, 2019

Since recently a few pendants were made of balls with tassels (you can read here). A set of jewelry – balls with tassels had to be created. This time I made a set of jewelry in colors very much liked by me, the

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Balls with tassels

Made by Eve/ February 20, 2019

Still beautiful and fashionable pendants: balls with tassels, different colors made a different pendant. This time the pendant was made of beads in gold, white and pink with a thick white tassel in a pink band. I hung the whole on a gold

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Embroidered bracelet 

Made by Eve/ January 27, 2019

Bracelet embroidered with beads was created as a kind of challenge. I liked it a lot for a long time, but I was still scared if I could do it. Choosing a stone, facing, giving the bracelet a shape and the most difficult

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A square set with onyx

Made by Eve/ November 6, 2018

I managed to buy two square onyxes in various sizes. I like sets, that’s why a pendant and a bracelet were made. Both onyxes are made in the same way. I surrounded them with toho beads in different size and color and with

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Gold pendant with azurite

Made by Eve/ October 8, 2018

The azurite pendant was created as the first in the bead embroidery technique. The stone was one of my first purchases, it has a hole and it was supposed to be hung on a chain at first. However, it looked a bit boring

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