Men’s bracelet on a loom

 Men’s bracelet on a loom/su_heading]   For a long time my husband told me to try to make a man’s bracelet. There was an opportunity lately, so I pulled out the loom and got to work. The bracelet was created on a loom made of beads 11/0 toho. I finished it with a skin. I made a clasp with a […]

A gray bracelet on the loom

  This time, a gray bracelet was created on a loom for a great fan of graphics cards. For a long time I promised my son a bracelet, but somehow it still eluded me. In the end, I designed something especially for him. The more that his sister has a lot of beautiful jewelry made by me. And that’s how […]

A white and black-red bracelet

  A white and black-red bracelet straight from the needle. I designed the design some time ago, but I still did not have time to do it. Besides, there are still several projects to be carried out on the computer. I made the bracelet on a 11/0 toho beaded loom. I finished the bracelet with black leather. However, the clasp […]

Red and black bracelet

Recently I was looking for a gift for a person who loves sharp colors. Red and black are absolutely her colors, so as part of the gift I decided to create a bracelet, a simple red – black beauty. I used 11/0 toho beads in two colors and red fire polish size 4mm. I stuck it on the loom according […]

Silver Obsidian

For a very important person in my life, for my sister for a round and beautiful birthday, I decided to make something from jewelry as a present. From the box with my treasures – stones we chose silver obsidian, small, just 27mmx23mm, but with beautiful silver gloss. For a long time I thought about what to frame and won Toho […]