bracelets in the shape of flowers

made by Eve/ April 26, 2020/ bracelets, post, superduo/ 0 comments

  Another from a series of bracelets with toho and superduo beads. This time the parts of the bracelet have the shape of flowers, similar were already here. They are light, flowing, beautifully arranged on the hands and absolutely do not cooperate during

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Silver bracelet with fire polish beads

made by Eve/ April 20, 2020/ bracelets, caprice, post/ 1 comments

  Earlier,  from time to time bracelets with fire polish beads appeared on the blog. It was caprice. This time, I sewed a silver bracelet with a similar technique but bracelets are different. Caprice bracelet is sewn with monofilament threads that stiffen the bracelet

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Bracelet with tile beads

made by Eve/ April 4, 2020/ bracelets, post/ 0 comments

  I think bracelets are my favorite pieces of jewelry, I make them in large quantities. Maybe because I see the effect faster than with a necklace or pendant 😉 This time I used beads with two holes again, so-called tile .  

Bracelet with diamond beads

made by Eve/ March 26, 2020/ bracelets, post, superduo/ 0 comments

  Invariably, for some time, double hole beads have dominated me. This time they are diamods and o’beads. I was inspired by the internet a little bit and here are two bracelets in two different colors.