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Ring and necklace with labradorite

Recently, stones: labradorites, agates, onyxes, obsidians and many more have become my great love. I liked jewelry in which the most important role was played by stones and I wanted to create something for myself. In the gallery are photos of necklaces with onyx and labradorite rings. Each beautiful and unique.

It is very difficult to “dress” stones, choose colors that will emphasize eg labradorite fire. I think for a long time how to “dress” each of the stones, I choose, I change. I’m just “starting” in the bead embroidery technique, so it takes me a lot more time.

My favorite ring is a small labradorite surrounded by Toho 15.

ring with labradorite

ring with labradorite

I decided to create something to the set. Among my treasures I found a beautiful labradorite with a slight fire.

labradorite in the bindinglabradorite in the bindinglabradorite in the binding

I wondered what to hang on, herringbone necklace or crochet and bead technique and fell on the other one.

crochet necklace

crochet necklace

crochet necklace crochet necklace

Finally, after many hours of work, a beautiful set with a labradorite was created.

necklace with labradorite necklace with labradorite necklace with labradorite

I invite you to look at the gallery

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