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Hair decoration

I was asked to make hair decoration for a young lady on her special day. We chose toho beads, fire polish in various sizes and covers – all in shades of white and silver. I made wire orders and would like to say I moved with work. However, no, first I had to learn the technique of plaiting wire with beads.

The technique itself is not difficult, unfortunately a bit painful. It was more convenient for me to braid the wires with my fingers when I felt them during the filming and winding, and this unfortunately after some time caused some discomfort.

hair decoration hair decoration hair decoration

Later it went 😀 I liked how many possibilities wire, beads, spacers and imagination give. At some tutorial, I heard that it is worth drawing a sketch of the work, because you can “swim in” and I think that’s what has happened to me. After a few hours, there was a lot of decoration and if I did not stop, could wrap my niece  up 😉

hair decoration hair decoration hair decoration

The first hair ornament is over. This is how it looks on the hair. Unfortunately, the photos do not reflect the real beaty look of the chaplet.

hair decoration hair decoration

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