Jewelry woven on a loom

Made by Eve/ March 27, 2018

The loom gives you huge opportunities to create amazing jewelry, in my case they are bracelets for beginings. I have browsed websites many times and admired beautiful bracelets woven on a loom, only something still stood in the way. At first, I did

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Nature flooded in resin

Made by Eve/ March 23, 2018

Resin cabochon, beautiful and unique. It was enough to take a short walk around the garden and the surrounding area and all kinds of plants were found in the house. First, we bought molding silicone via the internet and made our own molds

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Bead embroidery jewelry

Made by Eve/ March 20, 2018

Beaded embroidery gives fantastic opportunities to create wonderful jewelry. Stones, cabachon can be stitched with this method. You can create beautiful pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. What I like the most in this technique is that everything is allowed, every stone, every cabachon,

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Peyote technique – jewelery like paintings

Made by Eve/ March 18, 2018

Another interesting and unfortunately very labor-intensive technique is peyote. We have two types of even and odd peyote. In this technique, you can create beautiful and unique jewelry. Some of my works were created spontaneously, some based on designs from the Internet, and

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Caprice jewelry – beautiful and unique

Made by Eve/ March 16, 2018

The beginnings with the jewelry were very chaotic 😀 First, I started with bracelets in  bead crochet technique, and then I fell in love with Caprice jewelry. And it started with shopping ;-D I bought a lot of different beads, ends, straps, hangers

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Bead crochet

Made by Eve/ March 14, 2018

  The bead crochet technique was the first one from which I started my adventure with jewelry making. The beginnings were difficult, I repeatedly fooled and started again, I changed the twine, thread and crochet. I studied half-posts, posts and a magic circle.

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Made by Eve – Beginning

Made by Eve/ March 7, 2018

Welcome to the blog made by Eve! The blog will be dedicated to handmade jewelry. You will find here entries about crocheting, sewing, beads in many sizes, shapes and colors, stones, threads, needles and various techniques for creating beautiful jewelry.