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Caprice jewelry – beautiful and unique

Caprice jewelry – beautiful and unique

Caprice Jewelry

The beginnings with the jewelry were very chaotic 😀 First, I started with bracelets in  bead crochet technique, and then I fell in love with Caprice jewelry.

And it started with shopping ;-D I bought a lot of different beads, ends, straps, hangers and spacers, thread and needles, and then I wondered what to do with them. Even now, I often buy beads or stones because they were beautiful. Then I stare at them and try to make jewelry with it.

This is how the first bracelets from the Caprice series were created.

I really liked the polish polish beads, which were beautiful shining in the sun. They lay in my bags for some time, until I accidentally found photos of a beautiful bracelet. I found tutorials, I sewed, I unstiched and after many trials the first caprice bracelet was made.

 caprice bracelet   caprice bracelet

caprice bracelet    caprice bracelet

The next ones were sewing a little faster and with more pleasure. Among others:

caprice bracelet caprice bracelet

I wanted a set of earrings and appeared on the web tutorial with caprice earrings. Beautiful sets were created for a special way out and on a daily basis.

          caprice earrings      caprice jewelry set

    caprice jewelry set  caprice jewelry set

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