Silver bracelet with firepolish beads

Made by Eve/ April 20, 2020

  Earlier,  from time to time bracelets with firepolish beads appeared on the blog. It was caprice. This time, I sewed a silver bracelet with a similar technique but bracelets are different. Caprice bracelet is sewn with monofilament threads that stiffen the bracelet and

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A red and black caprice set

Made by Eve/ March 26, 2019

    I love the caprice and the possibilities of this technique. This time a red and black set was created. Bracelet made of red beads of polish polish with a golden sheen, which I sewed to a black mesh. Very interesting combination.

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Gold and purple jewelry set “Magdalena”

Made by Eve/ September 16, 2018

  A very elegant set was created from the combination of gold and violet. First, the idea for a caprice bracelet was created. Made of gold-colored toho beads, I made a mesh, while the whole was complemented with fire polish beads in purple

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Caprice set in gold and green

Made by Eve/ June 1, 2018

The caprice bracelet in gold and green was created very randomly. Generally, I’m not a fan of green. Buying beads for another bracelet, I ventured to buy green fire polish, which was waiting quite a long time in the drawer for its turn

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Gray-black beauty Caprice bracelet

Made by Eve/ April 4, 2018

  Caprice bracelets are beautiful, elegant and captivating. Working on them is painstaking, consumes many hours, but the end result rewards all effort. Here is the latest of them gray-black beauty made of beautiful Toho gray beads and black matte Fire Polish beads.

Caprice jewelry – beautiful and unique

Made by Eve/ March 16, 2018

The beginnings with the jewelry were very chaotic 😀 First, I started with bracelets in  bead crochet technique, and then I fell in love with Caprice jewelry. And it started with shopping ;-D I bought a lot of different beads, ends, straps, hangers

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