Jewelry woven on a loom

Jewelry woven on a loom

Jewelry woven on a loom

The loom gives you huge opportunities to create amazing jewelry, in my case they are bracelets for beginings.

I have browsed websites many times and admired beautiful bracelets woven on a loom, only something still stood in the way. At first, I did not have a loom … I showed Dad what I mean and he built it for me 😀


However, I still lacked the time and desire to learn another technique. Only the Christmas exchange in one of the bead groups mobilized me and I decided to make a bracelet woven on a loom as a gift. The weaving itself was a pleasure, beads toho 11/0 arranged beautifully according to the pattern, I was enchanted by this technique until I had to take a finish….


It was difficult and it turned out to be complicated, but it worked out beautifully. Unfortunately, the photos do not reflect this, which is a shame. Because they are very nice, original and comfortable ;-D

The next one appeared in shades of gray.



Recently, I tried to make a more complicated pattern that I once found on the Internet (the Debger Designs pattern). So far I have been weaving on to 11/0 (beads with a size of 2.2mm) and it was a pleasure. But because the bracelet would come out too wide, I “went crazy” with to 15/0 (the diameter of the bead was about 1.5mm). Black, red and white were light, but this gold – a real nightmare. Every 7 beads passed through the needle, and every other needle through the needle and thread. But in the end I got tired and went out. A bracelet woven on a loom is very delicate and light, on the hand looks very interesting 😀



I have several own projects done, I hope that in the near future I will be able to boast of subsequent works.

Look for in the gallery.

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