series of bracelets with superduo beads

Made by Eve/ October 20, 2019

Superduo beads are probably my favorite among the two-hole beads that I have. This time the superduo beads were connected using the herringbone technique. I invite previous entries here and here After the first bracelet, more were created and again there is a

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Silver Obsidian

Made by Eve/ April 30, 2018

For a very important person in my life, for my sister for a round and beautiful birthday, I decided to make something from jewelry as a present. From the box with my treasures – stones we chose silver obsidian, small, just 27mmx23mm, but

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Cairo night in a beads frame

Made by Eve/ April 28, 2018

Recently, I managed to realize the promised surprise and bound the beautiful stone  Cairo night with a technique called bead embroidery. I wondered how to “dress” to show the amazing beauty of the stone. After choosing colors, I started to embroider, I like

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Nature flooded in resin

Made by Eve/ March 23, 2018

Resin cabochon, beautiful and unique. It was enough to take a short walk around the garden and the surrounding area and all kinds of plants were found in the house. First, we bought molding silicone via the internet and made our own molds

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Bead embroidery jewelry

Made by Eve/ March 20, 2018

Beaded embroidery gives fantastic opportunities to create wonderful jewelry. Stones, cabachon can be stitched with this method. You can create beautiful pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. What I like the most in this technique is that everything is allowed, every stone, every cabachon,

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