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White and gold set in peyote technique

Almost three years, the white and gold set in the peyote technique was waiting for the finish.

It was the first bracelet made using the peyote technique. I learned, I repeatedly slept and sewn. In the end, it turned out that something does not work for me and it came out be so simple, something was missing. I was still learning peyote technique and I made two balls with the same beads, they were not perfect, so I also put them off later. And so the set lay for three years and waited for the idea and finish.

Fortunately for the set there was a fashion for tassels, which I combined with fire polish beads, so the balls gained in length and grace.

white and gold peyote earings

white and gold peyote earings

white and gold peyote earings

I also learned to make picots, which I finished a very modest bracelet. I sewed a magnetic gold clasp.

white and gold peyote braceletwhite and gold peyote bracelet

This is how the white and gold jewelry set looks now.

white and gold jewelry set


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