necklace with the russian spiral technique

necklace with the russian spiral technique

Necklace – russian spiral

Finally, I fulfilled my dream.

Some time ago, on one of the discussion groups related to the creation of jewelery, the Santa Claus exchange was organised. First you had to apply for an exchange, write what you like to wear with jewelry and provide information on your work. Then the draw took place and each of us got their “exchange”. And then go to work 😀

All packages had to come to December 6 and we could not open until that day.

I got a beautiful bracelet made with the technique of russian spiral from beads toho 6/0 11/0 and Fire Polish 4mm.

I wanted to make a necklace for myself. Unfortunately, I had a big problem with getting the materials, some of them were hard to reach and only at the end of March I managed to complete everything.

I just have to learn another new technique.

russian spiral

russian spiral

Now only the necklace has been finished and the magnetic clasp is pasted.

russian spiralrussian spiral

And thanks to the surprise from the Santa Claus exchange, a beautiful, very elegant necklace was created.

russian spiralrussian spiralrussian spiralrussian spiral

I present a complete bracelet and necklace.

russian spiralrussian spiral


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