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Necklace made of beads in the harness beaded technique

Necklace made of beads in the harness beaded technique

Necklace made of beads in the harness beaded technique

Often on the jewelry-related discussion groups beautiful necklaces and beaded bracelets made with the harness beaded technique appear. I can do simple patterns with a bead and crochet technique, but I was still tempted by the harness beaded technique

The harness beaded is a technique of making crochet ropes for more than 9 beads in a row. With a larger number of beads, you can create fantastic patterns, flower necklaces, diamonds, animals. You can also shade the rope or use more colors. My previous work was done on 6 to 8 beads.

In the end I was tempted, I found a pattern for 11 beads in a row that I printed and started one day. After several hours of threading the sequence, I had over 6 meters of 2mm beads on a thin thread for jeans.

beads on the thread beads on the thread

Of course, I looked at many helpful sites. I did not foresee one thing that it would be so difficult to learn a new technique on a black thread! Nightmare! So far, I crocheted on different colors, but on a twist, which is, however, thicker. I had the impression that I would blind my eyes counting. I did and I did, I did and I did … I still had too little or too much mesh 🙁

After several tries and days, I had a few centimeters of my future necklace, but I already knew what was going on.

harness beaded harness beaded

I read entries on groups, how the harness beaded technique is difficult, how many girls gave up, claiming that it was not for them. In fact, with this technique, it’s hard to relax. You have to keep an eye on the pattern, I still count the beads and turn the crochet. But something arises there.

After many hardships and almost a year – I finished. In the meantime, there were necklaces made for 12 beads in a row. It turned out that the black cordon to start learning is a very bad idea, and the more beads in the row, the more comfortable the work.

harness beaded

harness beaded

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