bracelets in the shape of flowers

Made by Eve/ April 26, 2020

  Another from a series of bracelets with toho and superduo beads. This time the parts of the bracelet have the shape of flowers, similar were already here. They are light, flowing, beautifully arranged on the hands and absolutely do not cooperate during

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Bracelet with diamond beads

Made by Eve/ March 26, 2020

  Invariably, for some time, double hole beads have dominated me. This time they are diamods and o’beads. I was inspired by the internet a little bit and here are two bracelets in two different colors.  

series of bracelets with superduo beads

Made by Eve/ October 20, 2019

Superduo beads are probably my favorite among the two-hole beads that I have. This time the superduo beads were connected using the herringbone technique. I invite previous entries here and here After the first bracelet, more were created and again there is a

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Flower bracelets 2

Made by Eve/ October 17, 2019

  Flower bracelets are beautiful. In the previous post I showed gold and white bracelets in two versions – single and double. A lot of sewing with them, but they are so pleasant that the whole collection was created. All bracelets ended with

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flower bracelets

Made by Eve/ October 14, 2019

  From the series: I love double-hole beads 😀 This time I created a bracelet with superduo beads that I sewed in the form of flowers. Very similar bracelets can be found on pinterest  

Double hole beads

Made by Eve/ October 11, 2019

Recently, during cleaning up my treasures, I found a whole box of different beads with two holes. I once bought them out of curiosity and forgot about them. And now I decided to create something. It turned out that double hole beads create

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Bracelet with two caterpillars

Made by Eve/ December 21, 2018

In the previous post I showed a double-sided bracelet so-called. gąsienniczkę. And since I’ve managed to do one, I’ve done two more and connected the super duo beads. And in addition, it came out two-sided. The pattern was also taken from the Weraph

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