Gold and black cellini set

Made by Eve/ November 21, 2018

Recently, an entry about bracelets called flat cellini. I tried to make a three-dimensional golden-black cellini. I obtained the effect of a twisted bracelet using four sizes of toho beads. This time, the bracelet was created in the crochet and bead technique. It

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Cellini bracelets

Made by Eve/ November 19, 2018

On the blog there was no entry about jewelry called cellini. Jewelry has a characteristic 3D form. In the gallery there are flat bracelets sewn with a needle, these are the so-called flat cellini. The 3D effect arose because I used several different

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A square set with onyx

Made by Eve/ November 6, 2018

I managed to buy two square onyxes in various sizes. I like sets, that’s why a pendant and a bracelet were made. Both onyxes are made in the same way. I surrounded them with toho beads in different size and color and with

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