A ring in safari colors

Made by Eve/ September 30, 2018

  For some time a certain stone waited for the binding. It was one of my first stone purchases and I do not even know what it is. From beginning my daughter ask me for something with this yellow stone. For a long

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Gold and purple jewelry set “Magdalena”

Made by Eve/ September 16, 2018

  A very elegant set was created from the combination of gold and violet. First, the idea for a caprice bracelet was created. Made of gold-colored toho beads, I made a mesh, while the whole was complemented with fire polish beads in purple

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Men’s bracelet on a loom

Made by Eve/ September 11, 2018

 Men’s bracelet on a loom/su_heading]   For a long time my husband told me to try to make a man’s bracelet. There was an opportunity lately, so I pulled out the loom and got to work. The bracelet was created on a loom

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Pendant with agate

Made by Eve/ September 5, 2018

The agate pendant waited for some time to finish. First, I had a problem with matching the toho beads. Finally, I managed to buy beads that perfectly match this beautiful stone. I sewed it with beaded embroidery and finished it off with a

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Bracelet with a Kashubian pattern

Made by Eve/ September 3, 2018

  As I have been living in Kashubia for some time, it was time to create something related to the region. This is how the idea for a Kashubian bracelet was created. I designed the pattern itself in the peyote program. This is

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