A gray bracelet on the loom

Made by Eve/ August 27, 2018

  This time, a gray bracelet was created on a loom for a great fan of graphics cards. For a long time I promised my son a bracelet, but somehow it still eluded me. In the end, I designed something especially for him.

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A white and black-red bracelet

Made by Eve/ August 26, 2018

  A white and black-red bracelet straight from the needle. I designed the design some time ago, but I still did not have time to do it. Besides, there are still several projects to be carried out on the computer. I made the

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Rings made with needle

Made by Eve/ August 17, 2018

I’ve had a lot of ideas for rings lately. I already have a pair of ring with stones in my collection, but I dreamed about something different. They were supposed to be simple, sewn with peyote technique. Unfortunately as it sometimes happens, what

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Necklace and bracelet like a blue mist

Made by Eve/ August 12, 2018

  I dreamed delicate necklace for summer dresses, perfect for a beautiful summer this year. I wanted it to be something light, delicate and in my favorite colors – shades of blue. I mixed together 5 packs of toho beads in different colors

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