Pendants with tassel

Tassels give amazing creation possibilities. Small can be used as pendants for bracelets, with larger you can make beautiful long hanging earrings. This entry will, however, be devoted to pendants with tassels. I have recently created a whole series of hangers, most of them according to my own idea. # 1 Pendant with a bright tassel according to the ‘persian […]

jewelry set with a tassel

Recently, I spent a lot of time creating jewelry with tassel, a whole series of pendants was created with a different frame. I still dreamed about long earrings. Fortunately, in my collection I found two same small tassels. I tried and created a set of jewelry: a pendant and earrings. Still, I wonder if the gray tassels in the blue […]

Red and black bracelet

Recently I was looking for a gift for a person who loves sharp colors. Red and black are absolutely her colors, so as part of the gift I decided to create a bracelet, a simple red – black beauty. I used 11/0 toho beads in two colors and red fire polish size 4mm. I stuck it on the loom according […]