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A red and black caprice set

made by Eve/ March 26, 2019/ caprice, earrings, post/ 0 comments

    I love the caprice and the possibilities of this technique. This time a red and black set was created. Bracelet made of red beads of polish polish with a golden sheen, which I sewed to a black mesh. Very interesting combination.

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Balls with tassels

made by Eve/ February 20, 2019/ bead embroidery, pendant, post/ 0 comments

Still beautiful and fashionable pendants: balls with tassels, different colors made a different pendant. This time the pendant was made of beads in gold, white and pink with a thick white tassel in a pink band. I hung the whole on a gold

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Pendants with tassel

made by Eve/ July 29, 2018/ pendant, post/ 0 comments

Tassels give amazing creation possibilities. Small can be used as pendants for bracelets, with larger you can make beautiful long hanging earrings. This entry will, however, be devoted to pendants with tassels. I have recently created a whole series of hangers, most of

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jewelry set with a tassel

made by Eve/ July 15, 2018/ earrings, pendant, post/ 0 comments

Recently, I spent a lot of time creating jewelry with tassel, a whole series of pendants was created with a different frame. I still dreamed about long earrings. Fortunately, in my collection I found two same small tassels. I tried and created a

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