Earrings for Halloween

Made by Eve/ October 30, 2018

  As it happens with me, I still want to learn something new. The plan for this year was a brick stitch, an interesting technique of making flat beads “drawings”. I do not like to learn for the sake of learning, it must

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Gold pendant with azurite

Made by Eve/ October 8, 2018

The azurite pendant was created as the first in the bead embroidery technique. The stone was one of my first purchases, it has a hole and it was supposed to be hung on a chain at first. However, it looked a bit boring

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Crochet bracelet with many possibilities

Made by Eve/ October 3, 2018

  In the depths of my computer, I have recently found an interesting pattern for a bracelet in the crochet and bead technique. I have not made bracelets for a long time, rather simple patterns of necklaces have been created for the pendants.

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