A pendant with howlite

Made by Eve/ November 27, 2020

There are never too many pendants 🙂 This time a pendant with two howlites in the bead embroidery technique was made. Beautifully reconstructed howlites are trimmed with gold and blue toho beads.  

A ring with crystal

Made by Eve/ November 22, 2020

  Rivoli crystals are available in beautiful colors. There were bracelets with crystals and earrings (here). This time I sewed a ring. The colorless crystal was surrounded with silver toho 11/0 beads. I sew the ring with the peyote technique.  

a bracelet for men

Made by Eve/ November 8, 2020

  Another men’s bracelet made of toho 11/0 beads on a loom. I made the first one some time ago (here). I am trying a few more, maybe in different techniques.