Set of bracelets

Made by Eve/ December 30, 2018

  Bracelets in the set consist of a thin bracelet made on a loom and additional bracelets on the elastic band.

Bracelet with two caterpillars

Made by Eve/ December 21, 2018

In the previous post I showed a double-sided bracelet so-called. gąsienniczkę. And since I’ve managed to do one, I’ve done two more and connected the super duo beads. And in addition, it came out two-sided. The pattern was also taken from the Weraph

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Bead and crochet caterpillar

Made by Eve/ December 14, 2018

I have not crocheted for a long time. I made simple necklaces for pendants, but no interesting bracelets were made. A long time ago, when I started my adventure with jewelry, I came across the Weraph website. From there, I took ideas for

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Christmas decoration 

Made by Eve/ December 7, 2018

Christmas is approaching very fast, so Christmas decorations have to be created in my studio. First, a series of white and gold stars was created. I was partially inspired by a tutorial from the pasart site, partly my own. Then came the blue, red and green ones.

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Glossy necklace with polish fire beads

Made by Eve/ December 3, 2018

“Necessity is the mother of invention” 😀 Therefore, recently a beautifully shiny necklace with fire polish beads was created 😀 I found the ends of beads, I needed something simple and at the same time with this something … I wondered how to

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