White and gold set in peyote technique

Made by Eve/ June 16, 2018

Almost three years, the white and gold set in the peyote technique was waiting for the finish. It was the first bracelet made using the peyote technique. I learned, I repeatedly slept and sewn. In the end, it turned out that something does

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Bracelets with lunasoft cabachons

Made by Eve/ June 11, 2018

Looking for inspiration to learn and create still new jewelry I found beautiful glass cabachons from the lunasoft series I decided to try it. At the beginning I ordered Lunasoft cabachons in pink and green. The first pink I made according to the

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Jewelry set with rivoli crystals

Made by Eve/ June 4, 2018

Browsing the internet, I have repeatedly stopped and admired beautiful, elegant jewelery with rivoli crystals. On the occasion of shopping, I bought a sample of several colors in various sizes (pictured from above, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm). Certainly the problem

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Caprice set in gold and green

Made by Eve/ June 1, 2018

The caprice bracelet in gold and green was created very randomly. Generally, I’m not a fan of green. Buying beads for another bracelet, I ventured to buy green fire polish, which was waiting quite a long time in the drawer for its turn

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